Services Offered

Private Alcohol & Drug Counseling

An excellent opportunity for the individual to look at the destructive nature of his or her addiction/alcoholism and learn means and ways to overcome it.

Substance Abuse Evaluations

Offered at an affordable rate, a substance abuse evaluation is an effective means to determine the appropriate level of care for an individual.

Anger Management

Utilizing the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) workbook for Anger Management, the individual will identify his triggers for anger, and how to effectively manage it.


This is a convenient approach for individuals who may find it difficult to leave their homes for various reasons, but still would like to receive therapy. Therapy will be conducted via HIPAA-compliant software and the individual and therapist will communicate via computer and/or phone.

Family Sessions

Family members will receive education about the disease of addiction and/or alcoholism and how to assist their loved one(s) in the recovery process.

Crisis Intervention

This involves intervening before matters worsen and must be done quickly to reduce the chances of dire consequences.

Education and Prevention

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about addiction and how to potentially prevent it.


An excellent opportunity for those concerned about their loved ones to receive insight from a licensed professional.

Referral Assistance

This involves locating the most appropriate and affordable level of care and facility for the individual seeking treatment.